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Clearing the
diabetes hurdle

Diabetes Information

Cholesterol Control

Heart disease is the number one complication of diabetes. Keeping your cholesterol levels in check - through diet, exercise and medication - is essential.

"Bad" LDL Cholesterol: below 100

"Good" HDL Cholesterol: above 45 for men & 55 for women

Triglycerides: below 150

Check-up Chart

Frequency What to check
2 - 4 times per year A1C test
2 times per year
  • Blood pressure
  • Foot check
  • Weight check
1 time per year
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride tests
  • Complete foot exam
  • Dental exam
  • Dilated eye exam
  • Flu shot
  • Urine and blood test, to check for kidney problems

Consult your doctor before beginning any weight loss or exercise program.

Nearly 25.8 million Americans have type 2 diabetes or type 1, called juvenile diabetes.

Losing 5- 7% of your body weight can slow the progression or even reverse type 2 diabetes. Research shows that a combination of regular moderate exercise and a healthy diet is most effective in reaching your goals.

Glucose Control

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), your glucose levels should be:

  • Before Meals: 70-130
  • 1-2 hrs after the start of a meal: Below 180

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